Morning Brown is committed to the development of multicultural role models and audiences in the performing arts.


Angela Brown, an internationally-acclaimed opera soprano, founded Morning Brown, in 2015 to provide programming for elementary and secondary schools, universities, symphonies, and opera companies that implements and exemplifies intentional inclusion across race, gender, economic, and ethnic classifications.


Morning Brown partners with presenters, educational and arts institutions, nonprofits, and philanthropic individuals throughout the nation to bridge the gap between accessible live musical performances and historically excluded communities and to present musical role models to encourage the next generation of performers and audiences.

Morning Brown, Incorporated

Elevating Multicultural Rising Stars

Founder Angela Brown tells the story of Morning Brown Incorporated and how our outreach initiatives elevate rising multicultural stars, engage audiences that have been marginalized in accessibility and exposure to classical music, and how you can be a part of our mission to cultivate belonging for all in the performing arts.

Helping Everyone Find Themselves in Opera

Opera...from a Sistah's Point of View school shows blow-up preconceived expectations surrounding opera. Angela's witty retelling of opera stories from her perspective leaves no doubt of the ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic diversity portrayed in opera characters that truly come from all walks of life.


Foundation Academy, New Jersey

Morning Brown, Incorporated

“For many of our students this was their first experience with opera – and what a first impression you made! The impact your performance, Opera…from a Sistah’s Point of View, had on our students cannot be summed up by words alone. Instead we hope the number of dropped jaws and astonished smiles, engaged questions and enthusiastic curiosity help to articulate the appreciation we all feel towards you.” – Foundation Academy, Trenton, New Jersey

Hugh Hodgson School of Music, The University of Georgia

Morning Brown, Incorporated

"We host many wonderful guest artists each year, but it is very rare to get the heartfelt level of passion, dedication, and engagement that Angela brought. High-level artistry is always inspiring; seeing a high-level artist working hard to make the world a better place goes far beyond inspiration – it energizes and motivates us all to be better citizens and reminds us of the true power and scope of the arts to uplift all people." - Dr. Pete Jutras, Director, Hodgson School of Music, Athens, Georgia

Portland Public Schools, Oregon

Morning Brown, Incorporated

"...over 1,200 students got the chance to experience an exuberant and engaging performance and curriculum. The shows, targeted toward the neighborhood schools in the Franklin and Roosevelt region, were captivating and wildly successful. Students were enraptured by Ms. Brown and her ability to transcend the customary boundaries of the European canon and demystify the commonly misunderstood elements of opera as an art form." - Portland Public Schools, Portland, Oregon.


Internationally acclaimed soprano Angela Brown understands the positive impact of exposure to classical music for communities where the offering of classical music is rare, or the cost of experiencing classical music is prohibitive. While traveling the world for performances, Angela became acutely aware of the lack of diverse representation in classical music, as well as in the audiences of her performances.

Her desire to bring high-quality, live music experiences to cultural desserts in the United States compelled her to found Morning Brown. Through Morning Brown’s programming, Angela is determined to mentor and inspire emerging multicultural opera singers, plant a seed of promise for potential opera singers, and expose as many people as possible to this art form so they develop a sense of belonging in classical music audiences, on stages, and behind the scenes. From concert presentations to roundtable discussions, Morning Brown partners with organizations that choose how their audiences experience, learn, and enjoy classical music – either for the very first time or in a brand-new way.

So far, Angela Brown has presented educational programs specifically targeted to underserved audiences with 64 organizations in 20 states – from orchestras and opera companies to libraries, schools, and music clubs. The programs have reached thousands of elementary, secondary, and university students. In late 2015, she founded Morning Brown to make her mission official and recognized as a nonprofit entity. All of this work has been in addition to her ongoing international performance career.

You are invited to follow Morning Brown and discover the ways we strive to reach underserved communities and schools, and encourage young artists, seasoned professionals, and enthusiastic music lovers. Let’s start planning together!



Morning Brown, Incorporated

Morning Brown, Inc., is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including introducing and exposing economically and ethnically diverse and multigenerational audiences to opera and classical music through live and recorded performances in the context of a wide array of musical genres. Morning Brown, INC., is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Morning Brown, INC. strives to provide communication, digital resources, and programs accessible to everyone. Communication is available by voice, text, email, and video conference. Digital resources in the form of our program companion curriculum and our website are available for download and are designed for multi-abled learners and users. Our performance partners (schools, performing arts organizations, and community centers) are selected based on their ability to provide a safe, accessible experience for all participants and attendees.

Morning Brown, INC., is grateful for the support of Indy Arts Council and the City of Indianapolis and the National Endowment for the Arts that make programming and new works possible, furthering our mission.

For questions or more information, please contact Janet Jarriel, program administrator: phone/text: (404) 663-4135 or email: